Lunessence Winery & Vineyard is farming according to an 'integrated protection plan'.

Compared to organic farming, integrated production casts a wider net that includes economics. In most areas, both farming practices are the same. However, at any point, a large disease attack could seriously harm the vineyard with recovery taking several years. When necessary, integrated production allows pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are not too aggressive and toxic to help prevent massive losses and damage. This is conditioned by detailed evidence and decision making based on real situations in the vineyard.

There are no herbicides or synthetically processed or concentrated fertilizers used at Lunessence vineyards.

Our vineyards rely on compost and cover crops for nutrients. Weed control at Lunessence vineyards never involves any products that contain Glyphosate, over the year we use horticulture vinegar and a special adjusted weed mower.  Every year we plant cover crops like yellow mustard, crimson and white clover. The vineyard may not look like the royal garden, but we are proud of our weeds; they help us to fertilize the soil, keep natural humidity in the ground and at certain heights also protect the grapes against diseases.