Along with the integrated plant protection system, Lunessence is also implementing a biodynamic viticulture.

Biodynamic viticulture that works from two poles – the energy and the earth. Understanding them makes our responsible farming truly work. Our vineyard calendar is about RHYTHMS – lunar -moon rhythms and earth rhythms. These are rhythms that sustain all life on earth. What we are trying to do, is to bring life back into the soil, so that the fruit produced from this living soil has increased life force, enhancing the quality and character of the wine.

Human life, as well as animal and plant life, is strongly dependent on the rhythms of the earth. As the earth turns, we have day and then night. As it travels in the course of 1 year around the sun we have the seasons – hot and cool. Every one of us feel different kind of energy each day – different mood. The same it is with nature.

Following the lunar rhythm, we work primarily with 6 different moon rhythms that recur every 27-29 days. Our farming calendar indicates the important days for farming activities during these 6 different rhythmic cycles each month.

Full-New Moon, Moon opposite Saturn, Ascending-Descending Moon, Moon Nodes, Perigee-Apogee, Moon in Zodiac Constellations.

The other rhythm is earth rhythm, that understands breathing of the earth. It is more complex as it involves us understanding the breathing in different ways. For example:
Breathing In = earth forces active, Breathing Out = light energy active, Cool Season — Earth breathes in, Hot Season — Earth breathes out, Late afternoon/evening (sunset) dew falling — Earth breathes in, Early morning (sunrise) dew rising — Earth breathes out, etc.

All works in the vineyard are followed by activities according to moon cycles and earth rhythms. As an example, Activities Related to Constellations are conditioned to: ROOT ACTIVITY = Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, FLOWER ACTIVITY = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, LEAF ACTIVITY= Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, FRUIT, SEED ACTIVITY = Sagittarius, Aries, Leo. iI is more complex and sometimes very tough.

Lunessence is starting to implement lunar calendar into all our work in the vineyard, cellar. It is a long process and it can not be done in one year. The goal is to find well balanced wines through well balanced energy in us, in the winery and vineyard. Simply to understand and respect each aspect of the life and nature cycle. Not just taking, but also giving back.