Authentic Winemaking

At Lunessence Winery and Vineyard, authentic winemaking forms the core of our production process.

Along with playing classical music, we also use classical methods of making wine. Our focus is traditional, old school winemaking methods and combining them with modern and effective winemaking equipment.

By knowing our soil, climate and winemaking, we focus on the potential in every bottle. Wines made traditionally attract their natural varietal character, they tend to be fruitier with gentle honey, cream and walnut tones. Simply put, they contain all the flavours you smell in the vineyard. They have bigger structure and bouquet with deeper complexity and taste.

All our white wines benefit from long contact with both their skins and lees. Barrels are used to underline the character of the variety. Vinification of our red wines is focused on extracting bold fruit flavours. Aging takes place in a variety of French, American, Hungarian and Slovakian barrels and even in old neutral wooden vats.